What makes us special?

Washington, D.C.Q. What makes Bennett Travel stand out above other school group travel companies?

A. While all travel companies are quite proficient, Bennett Travel specializes in unparalleled service and quality. Our commissions are the lowest in the business since we do not have the many costs other companies have with a large office staff or a building to maintain. Ninety-eight percent return business has been a constant – we are still working for one hundred percent! In addition, you are working with a former band and orchestra director who understands musicians, directors, students and parents and how to make their trip fun, safe, educational and successful.

Q. What are the most important aspects for the success of any trip?

A. Great transportation and superb lodging. Bennett Travel only uses the newest and best motor coaches that are wide-bodied and equipped with DVD/Video/Wi-Fi with most now offering outlets for charging electronic devices. In addition, only the best drivers are hired. Even though we use several different bus companies, all are Michigan owned and comply one hundred percent with all federal safety and travel regulations. In regard to lodging, we only use four-star hotels that generally include a full buffet breakfast each day. We always request separate boys' floors and girls' floors with indoor corridors and no outside balconies. Also provided is nighttime security so chaperones are also able to get some rest. Most of our groups prefer indoor pools and recreation areas to relax after a day of touring, thus, exceptional accommodations are a high priority for us to procure.

Q. Does Bennett Travel offer any special services that other companies do not?

A. Obviously, each company has special incentives and services they offer to their clients. Including outstanding service and low costs, Mr. Bennett offers 'free' music clinics with all groups traveling with Bennett Travel. This service has been overwhelmingly appreciated by directors throughout the state, especially as they prepare for district festivals. Generally, directors' fees for the trip are complimentary and are absorbed in the fee collected from their students which is a normal practice for all travel companies. We do not offer 'free incentive trips' for directors and their families unless requested. If requested, it is important to understand that your school board, administrators and music parents are aware of this incentive with the understanding that your students are actually subsidizing your extra 'free' trip. The IRS also regards this as additional income and must be reported.

Q. Why is Bennett Travel such an expert on music group tours?

A. Jeffrey Bennett recently retired from an exemplary thirty year teaching career and was named MSBOA's Teacher of the Year in 2008. Mr. Bennett traveled extensively with his ensembles throughout the US and Europe for several decades, and is a long standing band/orchestra adjudicator and clinician.

Q. How flexible can Bennett Travel be if we need to make changes to our itinerary?

A. Each trip itinerary is 'custom designed' to meet the wants and needs of each group. We will make adjustments to your particular itinerary as needed to ensure the success of your trip.

Q. Does Bennett Travel provide Tour Directors for trips/tours?

A. Yes. As a matter of fact, your Tour Director will be with you 24 hrs. a day from the time you leave until your return home. All of our Tour Directors are expertly trained to handle your entire trip including the unexpected emergency that may occur.

Q. Does Bennett Travel offer pre-trip meetings?

A. Yes. We will be available upon request to meet with parents, students, and directors to discuss your trip details prior to departure.
Our Business/Billing Questions

Q. Is Bennett Travel solely owned or part of a larger company?

A. Bennett Travel is solely owned and continues to be a privately owned company.

Q. Does Bennett Travel provide insurance?

A. Yes. All travel companies carry ample insurance for their clients.

Q. What is individual billing/invoicing?

A. This is an online service we offer where the parents send their trip payments directly to the Bennett Travel via our website. We will keep track of all payments.  Most school organizations still prefer to collect and keep track of their own payments. We are able to accommodate either choice.

Q. What are the office hours of Bennett Travel?

A. We are available 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week – we never sleep!

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