Introducing Gift Link
A New Feature of Trip Account

Trip Account, Bennett Travel's Trip Sign-up and Payment Program is a internet-based program that provides you a complete trip resource center.

A trip to any destination can be expensive. Taking a trip overseas is an even larger financial investment. But don’t forget these wise words: Travel is the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer!

At Bennett Travel, we realize that you are investing family resources to send your students and sometimes yourself on your next trip. We work diligently to offer a safe and rewarding experience worthy of this financial sacrifice. To that end, we are proud to present Gift Link.

Gift Link allows you to efficiently contact family and friends that are invested in your educational or musical journey. Be it a trip to Indianapolis for Grand Nationals, a tour of D.C. during the Cherry Blossom Festival or a multi-week tour that includes an international flight, the Eiffel Tower, Normandy and Disneyland Paris, there is no fee. This personal fundraising option transfers 100% of your collected financial gifts directly into your trip account. Gift Link is a perfect suggestion for birthday or holidays. Our simple, automated process of sending an email describing your upcoming adventure allows your biggest supporters a quick and easy way to provide you with the gift of travel.

Download PDF about Gift Link

Welcome to the Gift Link Userguide

You can also download a printable PDF of this guide here.

Screenshot Walkthrough:

On the Main Payer’s Access Trip page, find Gift Link Payment Request for Travelers. Select the link for drop down options.

Userguide steps for My Trip Account

Select the traveler for which you are requesting contributions. A separate request is required for each traveler as each traveler possess a specific ID to apply the funds to the correct trip. An editable email form specifically for that traveler will open.

Userguide steps for My Trip Account

When selecting a traveler, Trip Account opens an editable email form so you can send your custom message to perspective givers. The message contains auto-filled information including the traveler’s name, group and trip date. The message also contains the specific traveler ID that is connected to, which will transfer the giver’s contribution to Trip Account. Once the Main Payer is finished adding email addresses and editing the custom message, the Main Payer can simply select send. Repeat the steps to request additional funds for other travelers then wait for contributions to appear in your account.

Userguide steps for My Trip Account

For questions about Trip Account Email support.

Please include Trip Number and Traveler’s Name in all correspondence.

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