At the Director’s Side - Bennett Travel Superheroes

Bennett Travel professional Tour Directors use their commitment and experience to ensure the trip is successful. Rest assured, if the unpredictable happens, the Tour Director will change into their Bennett Travel Superhero outfit and find a solution!

Leading a group tour may not seem like rocket science to the casual observer. After all, you've loaded the coolers and suitcases, pets and kids in the car and taken the family on plenty of road trips, most of which weren't absolute disasters. However, handling the minute-by-minute coordination of travel arrangements for a group of 50 or more offers special challenges, requires experience and demands full-time attention.

Bennett Travel Tour Directors have been carefully selected for their people, organizational and management skills. Much like a teacher, a professional Tour Director works hard to make certain the group receives clear communication and stays on schedule, so they may enjoy all of the elements promised on the trip. Although the Tour Director might not know who that river is named after or the kind of tree in the park, their primary job is to make the trip run smoothly. Each Bennett Travel Tour Director is empowered to do so.

Doing so involves communication and check-ins with coach drivers, hotels, restaurants, attractions, guides, performance venues, other transportation providers, rental agencies and much more. In addition to this behind-the-scenes work, the Tour Director also mingles with the group, gauges the pulse of the travelers, gives clear instructions, answers questions and provides needed assistance. These actions allow music directors and group leaders to perform their own tasks while enjoying the trip. After the group is down for the night, your Bennett Travel Tour Director spends time filing receipts, recording transactions and planning for tomorrow’s activities.

Extensive, on-the-road experience, attention to detail and plenty of homework enable your Bennett Travel Tour Director to provide a smooth, enjoyable trip for the traveler, full of fun and adventure.

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