Your Travel Security is Important

Note: The following policies and standards in place at Music Travel Consultants are also the same policies that Bennett Travel adheres to at all times.

Bennett Travel, powered by Music Travel Consultants energetically continues our efforts to keep all individuals traveling with us safe and secure.

In 2001, MTC created and implemented emergency procedures to be initiated by each group’s Tour Director and enacted by its travelers: group leader, chaperones, parents and students. The MTC executive team continuously monitors Department of Homeland Security, CDC Guidelines and State Department communications, plus those of other traveler safety agencies and organizations. We have researched and trained our employees and have equipped our Tour Directors with a safety readiness and awareness program to initiate, if an issue should arise.

It is important for clients and travelers to know that their safety and security is our uppermost concern as we fulfill our mission to provide our travelers life-changing travel experiences around the globe.

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