Be a Part of London Band Week

Be a Part of London Band Week

With its palaces, parks, museums, bridges, cathedrals, squares, galleries, concert halls, theatres, markets, castles and iconic thoroughfares, London needs no introduction. In addition to its unique history, fabulous culture and vibrant diversity, London has a summer program of events that celebrates the marching arts. Patron of London Band Week, Mr. John Wyndham MBE, himself a Londoner, is passionate about tradition and fondly refers to his city as the, “cultural home of the marching band.” Powered by bands. Hosted by London. Take part in London Band Week and show your students a unique and rich experience.

LBW is a most unique event. The city is considered to be the cultural home of marching bands and our performances such as The London Tattoo – held at London’s Royal Victoria Dock – will enable participants to showcase their talents in a way that acknowledges the arts, heritage and culture that the UK is well known for.

Time of the Year

Just a few days after the mid-summer solstice, the hours of daylight in late June provide a gigantic window of opportunity for all visitors to the city. The long days enjoy glorious weather much to the frustration of the local population, as schools in the UK don’t break for the summer holidays until late July.

June is the official birthday month of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. To celebrate the Sovereign’s Birthday, Trooping the Colour takes place on Horse Guards Parade. The ceremonious marching band events extend throughout the month with massed bands ‘Beat Retreat’ pageants. The Royal Ascot races, attended by The Queen, who has had an interest in horses since childhood, and Wimbledon gets underway. Typically, the city hosts a state visit in June. This summer, President Macron of France will visit and be award the Legion d’Honneur to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s appeal from London to French citizens to resist the Nazi occupation.

A student performing during LBW.

Development Opportunities

Choices for elevating educational opportunities are plentiful. Benefit from a bespoke band clinic hosted at a premier rehearsal site equipped to accommodate the entire London Band Week (LBW) cast. Enjoy meeting your instrument and section peers while absorbing the perspective, advice, and experience from a virtuoso at an instrumental masterclass. You may also attend a band leadership workshop or participate in a college visit.

London Band Week

LBW’s program of events prioritizes the objectives of the participating bands and musicians, focusing on community, culture, development, and performance. “London Band Week empowers the bands to deliver their best performances whilst also enjoying the best the city has to offer,” explains the President of London Band Week, Dr. G. O. Jones MBE. As the 16th Director of Music, The Coldstream Guards, Dr. Jones MBE is no stranger to the biggest musical pageants hosted in London. He is thrilled that LBW includes a Tattoo: “Musical tattoos can be traced back to the early 17th century when drummers sent communications to soldiers. The London Tattoo at the Royal Victoria Dock pays tribute to that history whilst using one of London’s most state-of-the-art auditoriums to deliver a world-class production.”

President of London Band Week, Dr. G. O. Jones MBE.

LBW is an invitation only event. Bands are invited to take part on two selection criteria: 1) their core values and principles; and 2) their passion for performance excellence.

London Band Week Dates:

25 – 30, June, 2024

24 – 29, June, 2025

To find out more about London Band Week, you can visit:

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